The Benefits Of Taking Your Material Handling Capabilities To The Next Level

Posted on: 18 May 2016

Most fabrication shops have heavy materials like steel used daily for production. Many of the shops producing parts made from steel also use forklifts for their material handling tasks. However, if you get a new order for products that require much heavier material handling, your forklifts may not be the best way to get the materials to where they need to be for production to start. Heavier materials may also require different machinery that you do not have room for because of forklift traffic ways. If you are unable to handle heavier materials, you risk losing out on profitable opportunities. Check out how an overhead crane can benefit your metal fabrication business.

Make Room For More Machines On The Floor

When your shop floor is crowded, you may not have enough room to add a machine you need for producing a particular new order. If your employees use forklifts, the traffic ways for the forklifts to carry materials from one machine to the next could be space you could use for new machinery. By having an overhead crane system installed in your shop, you can utilize floor space for adding a new machine. With an overhead crane, you can not only have the capabilities of lifting and moving heavier materials, you also get the benefit of having room for the machine necessary for production using the heavier material.

Make More Money By Needing Fewer Employees

If you still have forklift drivers employed in your business, you will not need as many when you have an overhead crane system installed. An overhead crane can be operated with a couple of people. Bear in mind as well the cost of forklift driver training for safety operations. You can also forgo the cost of forklift maintenance when you choose an overhead crane for your fabrication shop's lifting and loading needs.

Overhead Cranes Offer Great Versatility

Some production requirements in your shop might entail getting a material out of a tight place. If you have an overhead crane installed, you can easily reach down and lift materials that are placed behind other ones. If you still use forklifts, you would end up spending the time to move all the other materials out of the way before getting to the one you need. When it comes to versatility, you can get more out of an overhead crane system.

Upgrading your material handling capabilities is a good way to increase your profits. The initial investment in an overhead crane system will easily pay itself off by the benefits it provides for your business.

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