Messages To Feature On Your Custom Rubber Stamps

Posted on: 14 June 2023

If you run any type of small business in which you ship products to customers, it can be nice to think of some simple ways to make each package you ship seem special. Going to this effort can be something that your customers appreciate, and you may find that you start to build up a loyal customer base. One idea to think about is ordering a few custom rubber stamps, and then stamping your boxes, invoices, or other materials that you send. Ordering custom stamps gives you the ability to choose a unique design for each, which can be fun. Here are three messages to consider featuring on your rubber stamps.

Thanks For Your Purchase

When a customer makes a purchase from you, especially when you're a small business, you'll be appreciative because you know that this purchase helps to keep your business running. It can be nice to convey your appreciation for each purchase with a rubber stamp. A custom design that features your company's logo and name, as well as includes a message such as "Thank you for supporting this small business," can be simple and effective. If you insert printed invoices into each package you ship, consider stamping the invoice with this stamp.

Connect On Social Media

A lot of small businesses want to encourage their customers to connect with them via social media. Doing so can be advantageous to the customer because they'll learn about sales and other promotions. You may wish to order a custom rubber stamp that shares information about your social media accounts. The design can feature a message that invites customers to connect with you online and can also feature the names of your various social media handles. You may even wish to have the stamp feature the logos of each of the social media services you use beside each of your handles.

Return Address

It's common for companies to order printed return labels that they can affix to their packages, but this isn't the only option that is available to you. Another idea is to order a custom stamp that features your company's name and mailing address. It can also feature a small rendering of your logo, a custom border, or any other type of image. Stamping your return address onto packages rather than using a sticker offers a unique look. To learn more about ordering custom rubber stamps for your small business, search on the internet. 

For more info about custom rubber stamps, contact a local company.