How to Celebrate Your Customer, Yet Keep Discrete Packaging

Posted on: 25 August 2016

If you operate a business such as a sexy clothing store or another business that clients may prefer to be discrete, you may feel as if you are stuck with boring packaging. If you want to make your packing pretty, but not give away the goodies that are inside, there are still ways to make your packages cute and unique. Here are some ways to celebrate your customers with pretty and unique packages while still offering the desired level of privacy. 

Develop a logo for packaging

Instead of using your full business name or your motto, you can develop a logo to use specifically on your packages. The logo can be small and innocuous, featuring something as simple as your business initials. A small logo of initials will let the package recipient know who it is from without giving away what is inside of the package to the rest of the public who may run into the package temporarily. 

Use stamp designs

If you would prefer to be able to put small designs on the outside of a package shipment, you can use stamps. Using handheld stamps that require a stamp pad will allow you to change up the stamps for the holiday or the season. Small seasonal stamping will make packages attractive without making them look suspicious or daring. 

Wrap the outside of the package

In order to make sure your customer has some privacy and that the item and its shape cannot be detected from the outside, you can wrap all of your packages. You can either wrap a bow around the exterior of the packages in your business's signature color or wrap the package itself inside of your own particular wrapping paper. This will render the packages tamper-proof for anyone who may be nosy about what is inside of the package. 

Insert a welcome note on the inside

If you cannot do much decorating on the exterior of the box that will give away your business intentions or celebrate your customer, you can make sure to do so when the package is opened. Inside of the package insert a welcome note for each customer. In this note, you can thank the customer by name for ordering your product and insert a small blurb about your products. At the end of this note, you can explain why you choose to use discrete packaging and any other steps that you implement to keep purchase information safe. This will set nervous and first-time customers at ease. 

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