Selecting The Right Bicycle Courier Delivery Service

Posted on: 15 September 2016

When it comes to delivering packages in a busy city, delivery services that rely on motor vehicles can be at a disadvantage. Traffic conditions can make it impossible to guarantee delivery times, making it difficult for you to ensure your packages are arriving at their destination on time. Opting to partner with a courier service that uses bicycle for deliveries instead can be beneficial.

Here are three things you should be looking for to ensure you select the right bike courier delivery service to meet your company's needs.

1. Same-Day Delivery Options

There will be times where you will need to have a package or letter delivered to its recipient on the same day that it is sent. As you evaluate potential bicycle couriers, you should take the time to ensure that same-day delivery is an option.

Some bicycle couriers may not offer same-day delivery services outside of a specific geographic location because of the challenges associated with riding a bike long distances. Evaluate the areas where you typically send same-day deliveries to ensure they are within a bicycle courier company's delivery boundaries, and be sure that you ask about pricing to find the most affordable courier service since most company's will charge a premium for same-day deliveries.

2. Upstanding Reputation

As you try to determine which bicycle courier company is best suited to meet your company's delivery needs, it can be beneficial to consider the reputation each organization has earned over the course of its lifespan. The relatively low startup costs associated with bicycle deliveries allow a variety of individuals to establish bicycle courier companies. You want to ensure you work only with an established courier company that has earned a positive reputation among its customers.

Since bicycles are not as protected as motor vehicles, there is always the potential for packages delivered using this method to sustain damage during transit. You should check online customer reviews and business forums for complaints regarding the quality of service provided by each bicycle courier company in your area. These candid reviews will help you determine which company has the best reputation, allowing you to partner with the most reliable courier available.

3. Insurance Availability

As soon as your package leaves your company's hands, you no longer have control over how the package is handled. While most bicycle couriers strive to handle their deliveries with care, there is always the potential that an item you are having delivered could be lost, stolen, or damaged during transit.

If you regularly send items that have value, then you will want to ensure the bicycle courier company you partner with has adequate insurance coverage.

Utilizing a bicycle courier can be a great way to reduce the amount of time it takes to deliver packages during times when traffic is congested. To ensure that you select the right courier company to meet your needs, ask about same-day delivery options, check out online reviews, and inquire about insurance availability before making a final decision.

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