When To Use White Silica Gel When Shipping Goods

Posted on: 14 March 2019

The small packets of silica gel found in so many different goods are there for several reasons. Silica has some pretty specific properties that allow it to absorb several things and keep the protect fresh or in good shape.

Silica in Food Products

Some times you will find small packets of silica in the packaging of some foods or snacks that you buy in the grocery store. The silica pack is in the package to absorb moisture and help keep the food fresh. The benefit of the silica is that it is non-toxic so it will not contaminate the food. The silica gel may be in a bead form or a powder form, but it is always in a packet that keeps it from being in direct contact with the food.

Silica in Electronics

Another common use for silica gel is in the packaging for electronics like televisions, computers, and stereo equipment. The goal is not to absorb water if the box gets wet, but the silica gel pack will absorb moisture from humidity changes during shipping. For electronics sitting in a warehouse, moisture that is allowed to remain in the package with the component can cause mold to grow inside the box. The components inside the television or computer will not tolerate mold or other foreign material inside it.

Buying Silica Gel

It does not matter whether you are a large business shipping hundreds of products or a small company shipping a few products a day, buying silica gel for your packages is not difficult. Many companies sell the material and offer many different sizes and packaging for the silica gel. Contacting the vendor to find out what they suggest can help you select the right gel pack for your needs, and in the quantity you need.

Absorbing  Other Chemicals

Silica gel does not react with most chemicals so it can be an excellent choice to protect against CO2, hydrocarbons, nitrogen, and sulfur compounds. Chemically, the internal structure of the silica is very large, allowing it to absorb a considerable amount of water but without increasing in size or shape when it has done its job. The silica will absorb the other chemicals as well, but the amount of absorption can change depending on the material. If you are considering using silica gel for something other than water, talk with the manufacturer about the effectiveness of the silica and how much silica you need to do the job.

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