How A Transportation Management System Or Software Program Can Help Your Company

Posted on: 30 March 2022

Does your company use multiple options when it comes to transporting freight or various goods across the country or around the world? Do you use some of your own drivers but also rely on professional freight services? If your transportation needs are complex, it might be time to put a system in place that can better help you stay on top of all of it. Here's why you should reach out to a firm—such as JB Shipments—that can help you set up transportation shipment management solutions today.

Track Performance Over a Period of Time and Make Changes That Will Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

When you have every freight or shipment provider input into your system to track where every package is in real-time, you'll be able to see which of your partners is getting the job done and which might be causing an issue. You won't get a ton of data on day one, but log back into the system in a couple of months, and your transportation management software may be able to tell you which shipping partner always got the package to the customer on time and which ones are falling below the mark. You could then use this information to make adjustments to your own process to improve the "on-time" rate, improving customer satisfaction in the long run.

Improve Shipment and Transportation Efficiency Across Multiple Warehouses or Transfer Points

Once your transportation management software is set up, you may also be able to track how long it is taking for the package or freight to get from place to place, how efficient your different warehouses are at getting the next shipment out, whether or not your current pick up or transfer points are serving you well, and so on. You can then use this information to tweak your entire shipping process, perhaps changing which warehouse or dock or transfer point you use for certain freight, making the entire shipping operation more efficient and hopefully getting the goods to the customer or client even faster.

Free Up Warehouse Employees to Get Ready for the Next Truck 

Once your transportation management software or system is up and running, you can begin automating the process of keeping track of a lot of different things, with no human employee needed for tracking unless an alert or notification goes off to tell you that something has gone wrong and requires attention. When your warehouse or shipping-focused employees don't have to keep tabs on every incoming pick up or transfer, they can turn their attention back to the warehouse and start getting ready for the next truck or freight shipment.